the Blindtextgenerator

i just found the following message in my mailbox:
"a cute little online-tools is born: the Blindtextgenerator."

Well - ok - I have to admit that the mail I just 'quoted' was in german - and so is the Blindtextgenerator - which would actually mean something like "dummy text generator". But anyways - even though the tool has a german name it should still be possible to use it without knowing a word of german.. - what doe it actually do? It generates different 'dummy texts' - on the fly - and according to your personal preferences - which means it will generate those texts with different font types (Geneva, Verdana, etc), different text formats (text alignment, uppercase/lowercase, adjustable line heights etc.) and a coulmn width that you can also chose by yourself..

..a nice and interesting tool - probably not only for graphic- and webdesigners. I'm actually not in urgent need of dummy texts that often - but now I know where to find it if I ever need it: