german movie history in fashion design

..maybe that translation is a bit unprecise - it's rather a hand made word by word translation of the german title "Filmgeschichte in Kleider". Anyways - it's the title of an exhibition that will be shown until 30th of March 2008 at the Potsdam Filmmuseum in cooperation with the Modemuseum Schloss Meyenburg (Museum for fashion at Castle Meyenburg). The show is dedicated to the german 'Ufa' movie star Jenny Jugo - and her clothes.

Shortly some details about the background: Jenny Jugo was allowed to keep all the custom-taylored dresses, coats, jackets - clothes that were made for her, or actually for the roles that she was playing, every time the shooting of a movie was completed. She kept almost everything in a flawless condition. This way she unintentionally archived a representative collection of german fashion design of the Twenties and Thirdties. This collection can be looked at as a treasure of german fashion design and a unique recource for research - since almost all other clothes of that time got either destroyed or 'recycled' during or after World War II.

Parallel to the exhibition the museum is also screening various movies featuring Jenny Jugo and her wardrobe - for example "Der Turm des Schweigens" a.k.a. "The Tower of Silence" [imdb] (D: Johannes Guter) released in 1925, "Die Hose" a.k.a. "The Trousers" a.k.a. "A Royal Scandal" [imdb] (R: Hans Behrendt) released in 1927, but also "Die Carmen von St. Pauli" a.k.a. "Docks of Hamburg" [imdb] (R: Erich Waschneck) released in 1928.

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ps: probably the title of the exhibition could as well have been "history of german fashion design in movies" - but that is probably not really important information..:]