Ding Pong Design Blog..?!

The 'first' Ding-Pong | Design-Blog was launched in November 2005. Originally I was asked if I would want to start up and take care of a Design-Blog for the webpages of ZEIT ONLINE; the web-edition of weekly newspaper Die Zeit. Originally several (at least two) bloggers/writers should have a public discussion about the designs - 'the things' that surround us in our everyday lives.

On the one hand this concept was quite successful: within one year's time span almost 100 design objects, ~concepts, ~phenomena - 'things' were discussed and the readers took part in that design discussion 'of a different kind' by posting various comments.

Then it became clear that it could not go on like that - this concept of a public design discussion was successful - but not successful enough. It was decided that the Ding-Pong | Design-Blog could not be continued in this form. At the end of the year 2006 I 'packed my things' and moved the blog to its own domain, planning to bend it, shape it and expand it.

So far I at least unpacked the suitcases, set up the domains, turned on the databases, installed a dedicated CMS, redesigned the look and feel - and most important: wrote some new articles. Here we go.

You are warmly invited to participate - if you happen to have a story, news, links, a blog, whatever design related subjet you think is missing - please feel free to get in contact using the contact form. Fetishism, self advertising, self critique and creative rumors are welcome..:]